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by Cosmic Rite

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released August 23, 2011



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Cosmic Rite Longview, Texas

currently on hiatus. we'll hopefully be re-uniting in Austin, TX asap. over and out.

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Track Name: Initiation/Mortal Obsession
bathed in the flicker of the flame
blot out the human blemish that is i
transcend in to a realm without name
bound; beholden to no life

onset of familiar notion
fragile being is that of mortal flesh
an intoxicating, over flowing potion
a spell; a constraining hex

i make plea of wonder
far from what is truth given as answer
primal senses cast light to man's blunder
yet i know not of mystic elixir

transfixed on an object of lore
where no one answer is the same
what passage one is sanctioned to store
a mortal obsession from depths which it came

resurfaced to departure in to freezing night
of madness of depression and of glooming might

a stark perspective now obscured
life is vanquished and death is mirrored

great powers of what can not be told
of anger of lust and of ravishing woe

deprive my body
make waste of being

and all is altered with time
all is destroyed by death

diluted is knowledge
of elusive darkness

what form begets this form
this temple i have known to hate
evil is the eternal root
to which blood does run
it does run