Burning Torch

by Cosmic Rite

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released May 24, 2011



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Cosmic Rite Longview, Texas

currently on hiatus. we'll hopefully be re-uniting in Austin, TX asap. over and out.

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Track Name: Return
mud in the water.
a tomb cascading below.
where the conscious mind is at fault.
where the murky clouds plume
and rise to the surface.
a dead end existence
awaits where life is oblivious
to a simple man's seclusion
the unconscious sleep.
they sleep privileged.
nearest the blind mercy of the dark.
where a man is gathered like pieces
and laid in the tomb as it reaches
the mud in the water below
Track Name: Brain Rot
subjected to loss.
subjected to pain.
ripped of improvement
and bound like a slave.
forced under pressure.
begging to burst.
remembering constantly
when worse comes to worst.
brain rot will always let me down.
this dead mind forever rotting out.
product of guilt.
product of sex.
a figure of embarrassment.
the pain in your chest.
useless today.
hopeless tomorrow.
forgotten in a week.
forgotten forever.
brain rot.
Track Name: Man is Bastard
don't be fooled.
man is bastard.
man is a cheat.
your brother is a fake.
he's matched you with a fraud.
he's matched you with a hack.
he's matched you with a basket case
a binding chain.
man is bastard.
man is a cheat.
take me from this world.
take me from these wounds.
take me from my binding chain.
Track Name: Daylight Dimming
remember my flame
when it was a burning torch.
unwillingly shamed.
willing to stagnate the sore.
forgotten to time.
the fire that opens the gates
will cease to climb.
released in to lifelessness.
a dead end race.
an uneasy sensation
hammers the walls of my skull.
daylight dimming
on a subject that's already cold
remember my flame
when it was a burning torch.
unwillingly shamed.
willing to stagnate the sore.
forgotten to time.
the fire that opens the gates
will cease to climb.
will cease to climb.
it's continuous
the damper on consciousness.
like the flood which blankets my fire.
Track Name: Virtually Deaf
i take your place
deaf in the wake of guilt.
idle in the forefront
of involuntary action.
not knowing.
not listening.
it's this suppression
and this lifestyle.
it's these hands.
it's my misconception.
Track Name: Recurring Pattern
held down.
forced in to the way of the world.
thrown from the numbing unknown.
awaken in this body
to suffer.
slave work.
petty worth.
and the value of a filthy church.
top priority
to conform the minority.
brainwashed authority.
neglect is getting to me.
my own neglect is killing me.
everything is ending me.
everything is killing me.
wipe out.
Track Name: Invasion
chain me to the fences.
retained in walls
like spells of deep trances.
they build circumstances.
following guidelines.
guided in to white light.
you invade my mind.
everything i've known to be right.
you say my knowledge is meager.
demand that my knowings are trite.
an invasion.
but your fucking rules are no kind of spark
to compare to the dark forces that hold tight.
Track Name: Swollen
i was ingested
by society's congestion.
lost within the infestation.
i surrendered to the walls that barricaded.
i fell through the cracks
that delusion created.
a dream i would have for eternity
swallowed like a nightmare
as it betrayed me.
by way of the path graced by my left hand
i was guided from illusion.
confusion of life.
illusion of self.
confusion of life.
a storm of compulsion immediated.
from my brain like waves
poured transgressive hatred.
come over me.
dictate me.
outcast me.
Track Name: Black are the Eyes of Finite
reality is wasting away.
memories will pass and burn to gray.
ashes of time.
a frozen torch.
penetrating the mind
an ending comes forth.
this body.
this vessel
will collapse in to nothing.
what was once so conceptual
is no more.
life is fading.
how black are the eyes of finite.
and deeper still are the shades
of an endless void.
where all is of mystic practice
and of unknown nature.
but your fucking ugly human race
will come to know the realm of hereafter.
the mighty swollen bosom of post-life.